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What does working with me look like?


I work solely online, offering 1 to 1 sessions. 


These sessions are tailored specifically to each client’s developmental journey. I have trained in various modalities giving me a wide range of techniques & tools to draw from. My warm but firm coaching style helps you feel supported and heard but also gives you the push you need to step out of your comfort zone when you don’t think you can! My experience has taught me what works best for different personalities & experiences, so you are in very safe hands. 


I offer one-off 90 minute sessions & also carefully designed courses that last between 6 and 10 weeks. I have a consultation call before we commit to working together to discover which option suits your needs best.

I always like to remind my clients that the process of coaching is a journey & journeys aren’t always easy. The end result, however, will be totally worth it!

Is coaching worth it?


My clients have experienced overwhelming success on their journeys with me. I am not here to help you change for a month & then revert back to your old ways, we want life & mindset transformations. I want you to view yourself & the world differently. This is why I tailor each session to YOU, so that you can go away from our sessions with your own tool kit, that works for YOU, to refer to when life feels turbulent. 


I have watched clients transform toxic personal beliefs about themselves into beliefs of true self love and self belief. 

I’ve seen clients start believing they are capable & worthy after years of believing they are not. 

I’ve watched clients discover their life purpose when they had no idea what it was & start taking steps towards a life of financial freedom. 

I have seen clients enhance their relationships & learn to love themselves & others in a more open and honest way.


So in short, yes, it is! 


It’s time to stop life just happening to you, but for you…