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All your questions answered.

Is coaching the same as therapy?

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching is looking ahead and therapy is looking behind, at the past. The two do have some crossovers but they have different focuses. A therapist may delve into your childhood and past experiences whereas coaching predominantly focuses on what is coming next, what you want to  achieve. A therapist may diagnose an individual, this is not something a life coach would do. This is an incredibly brief overview and doesn’t apply to all practitioners. It is important to note that I am not a therapist. 

This is why our discovery call is so important. On this call, I will help you understand if coaching is right for you. It is very important that I am honest with you so that you can seek the correct support. 


How do I know if life coaching is for me?


Providing you are open minded, committed and willing to accept change into your life then coaching is 100% for you! 

I truly believe coaching will help & benefit your life in ways you didn’t think possible. There are many coaches to choose from & your coach needs to understand you, connect with you & inspire you! This is why the discovery call is also important to ensure that your coach is a great fit for you & you for them. 


How much does it cost?


I offer various options for coaching & the prices vary.  This is something we will discuss when we speak on your discovery call, we need to decide what is right for YOU!

I do offer payment plans for courses.  


What is a discovery call?


It is a call you book with me when you want to know a little more! It’s a chance for us to get to know each other a little better & really see if we are a good fit! Via this call, I’ll evaluate your situation, assess your needs, explain how I work, & what the whole process will look like. This allows me to go away & plan your sessions, so they are worthy of you & your journey. If you're interested in a free Discovery Call - click here

Please note this discovery call is completely free & there is no obligation to partake in coaching after this call. (Although I am sure you will want to!)