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Getting into coaching

How did I get here?

I love this question! As with all journeys, mine was not straight forwards. 

I worked as a successful actress for many years & it was meant to be a dream come true, given that I had wanted this dream since I was 5 years old! But 20 years later, life just didn’t feel quite right. I felt lost, I felt void of purpose, & I felt that life must have more to offer me. 

I was hungry for change! 

I walked away from the life I had created, into the complete unknown. 

Throughout the years that followed, I worked many jobs, met many amazing people & everything I did brought me back to my desire to HELP people. I just knew it was what I needed to be doing.

I had always been fascinated by human behaviour, self development & what it means to reach your full potential, so I jumped in, feet first! I read, I studied, I hired my own coach, I took copious courses in NLP, in CBT and I became notable in the coaching field. I faced my past turmoil and beliefs head on, & turned them all around. I taught myself a way out of the darkness and realised the incredible life I wanted was right in front of me, I just had to open my eyes. 


When I started coaching clients everything clicked! I was making an impact & helping people transform their lives. I love my job so much and feel so grateful that I get to work with such brave & beautiful individuals. As a qualified Life Coach, my mission to help people is limitless. I have the tool kit, & I want to teach you.


I am not different to anyone else, I am just a normal woman with big plans, but I stepped into a life of freedom and joy (that at the time did not feel possible!), & so can you!