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My name is Claire & I’m a Certified Life Coach from the UK. (London to be exact).

My job & my mission is to help individuals who feel lost, uninspired & lacking direction to get the LIFE THEY WANT! 


Sometimes people come to me having no idea what their purpose is or why life feels so tough but they know there must be more to it! Sometimes people come to me with a clear mission & goal, but they need a big push in the right direction. Sometimes people come to me full of emptiness, confusion and self doubt but they know they want to change. It is my pleasure to help them all see how.


This work is deeply rooted in my heart because I have been here. I have been lost, I have been riddled with grief, I have been without direction & I have turned it all around. I am completely invested in getting my clients long-lasting results & work with NLP, CBT & complete honesty to get them there!

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Claire Porterfield Life Coach

What is my story?

I'm Claire Porterfield. But who am I?

As with all journeys, mine was not straight forwards.  

I worked as a successful actress for many years & it was meant to be a dream come true, given that I had wanted this dream since I was 5 years old! But 20 years later, life just didn’t feel quite right. I felt lost, I felt void of purpose, & I felt that life must have more to offer me. 


I was hungry for change!

I walked away from the life I had created, into the complete unknown. 

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I truly believe coaching will help & benefit your life in ways you didn’t think possible. There are many coaches to choose from & your coach needs to understand you, connect with you & inspire you! This is why the  discovery call  is also important to ensure that your coach is a great fit for you & you for them. 

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